Your Wedding with the Anglican Church in Paphos

Wedding Venues

Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa

Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa

Ayia Kyriaki can accommodate large parties of guests and therefore, if couples are anticipating large numbers attending their wedding, it is advisable to inform the Wedding Co-ordinator. Ayia Kyriaki also has a ramp for easy wheelchair access and can cater for disabled people that may be attending the service. If there are any members of the party who are disabled and wheelchair bound, PLEASE inform the Wedding Co-ordinator so that she can brief the Wedding Vergers on duty.


No confetti can be thrown outside the church, or in the surrounding grounds. This is a directive from the Antiquities Department.


Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa – Sundays prior to the wedding are held in the Church Hall, Kato Paphos and take place between 2-30pm and 5-00 pm, if not advised differently.

Interviews with the Chaplains will take place in the Church Offices just behind the Church Hall.

St George’s Chapel

St Georges Chapel

The Chapel can seat up to 30 guests and accommodate a maximum of 35 people comfortably with several standing. If numbers should exceed 35, it can become increasingly uncomfortable for couples and their guests, particularly in the mid-summer months. It is also vital to inform the Wedding Co-ordinator if there is an excess of guests attending the wedding.

Wheelchairs accompanying the disabled

The Chapel also does NOT have wheelchair access, therefore any member of the wedding party who may be disabled and wishes to attend the ceremony, should ensure that there are able bodied people amongst the guests that can lift the wheelchair up the steps. If there are disabled guests attending who are wheelchair bound, PLEASE inform the Wedding Co-ordinator so that she can brief the Wedding Vergers and Chaplain on duty.

Children’s pushchairs

Couples should also be advised that there is very little room for children’s pushchairs as they take-up valuable standing room for guests. If the guest list is no more than 25 then pushchair(s) can be accommodated at the rear of the Chapel. Parties of 25 and over must leave pushchair(s) outside the Chapel and accommodate the children on their knee(s).


These are held in The St George Hotel Foyer area, over to the left of the main Reception Desk. If any couple is in doubt, please go to the main Reception Desk where a member of staff on duty will then guide you to the interview area. Interviews take place between 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday & Thursday morning prior to your wedding day, if not advised differently.

Wedding Venues around Paphos

If couples should wish to choose a venue for their religious wedding that is not performed inside a church, then please ensure that it is a designated area within hotel grounds, away from the main recreation areas of the hotel. We must remind you that you will be having a religious ceremony performed by an Ordained Priest and it is extremely uncomfortable and improper for yourselves, your guests and the Priest to perform a religious ceremony with holiday makers clad in bikinis, or otherwise scantily dressed watching the ceremony.

Below is a list of venues where we have performed weddings to date. If you have a further venue in mind for your wedding ceremony, then please write to the Wedding Co-ordinator at the email listed on the contacts so that she can check if it is a suitable venue.

  • The Almyra Hotel
  • The Aliathon Village Chapel
  • Alexander the Great Hotel, designated area
  • The Amathus Beach Hotel, designated areas
  • The Annabelle Hotel on the Deck and Amphitheatre
  • The Anassa Chapel, Latchi
  • The Athena Beach Hotel
  • Ayii Anargyri Chapel, Polis (new venue)
  • The Azia Chapel, Azia Hotel
  • St. Catherine’s, Aphrodite Hills and designated areas within the grounds
  • The Coral Beach Hotel, designated areas such as the Armonia Terrace and Amphitheatre
  • The Elysium Chapel and Amphitheatre
  • Tis Minthis Monastery, Minthis Hills
  • The Kefalos Chapel and Gazebo
  • The Paradisos Hills Hotel, Lysos
  • The Paphian Bay Hotel, designated area
  • Riu Cypria Hotel, designated area
  • The Venus Beach Hotel, designated area
  • Yachts: Ocean Flyer & Sea Star, Paphos Harbour
  • Vasilias Nikoklis Inn, Nikoklia


Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa – Monday & Tuesday only
St. George’s Chapel – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday only
Hotel Chapels & designated areas within Hotel grounds – Monday – Saturday & Sunday by request.
Vasilias Nikoklis Inn – Monday – Saturday & Sunday by request
Exclusive Yacht Weddings: wedding on board Yachts and Ocean going Cruisers – Monday – Saturday & Sunday by request


Weddings can be booked for all venues from:
1.00 – 3.00 p.m. during the winter season (November – March)
1.00 – 5.00 p.m. (April – October)