Your Wedding with the Anglican Church in Paphos


Renewal of Wedding Vows (ROV)

Assuredly, in many ways, a husband and wife renew their wedding vows on a daily basis in that they love, comfort, honour, support and protect each other; and do so on the bad days as well as the good, whether unwell or in good health; and, indeed, cherish constantly the remembrance of their wedding day of which each wedding ring is a tangible testimony to faithfulness and unending love.

There are occasions when a husband and wife may wish to renew the vows and covenant made on their wedding day; when a particularly notable anniversary or an especially poignant time arrives in their relationship is an ideal time. Nonetheless, there does not have to be any excuse or reason to renew vows; it can be a natural outward expression of innermost feelings and of the selfless love which have bound a husband and wife together in the joy of marriage.

The renewal of vows ceremony is very similar to a wedding; the emphasis is slightly changed, of course, because it is a renewal; but the flow of the service is almost identical and a public reminder to any or all present of the joys a husband and wife have experienced in marriage. It is also a ‘thanksgiving’ to God for His enrichment of their life together and His many blessings.

The Blessing of a Marriage

There are occasions when a husband and wife have either recently undertaken a Civil Marriage; this may be by choice, or for legal reasons associated with their country of residence, and decide to have their union blessed by God in church. Perhaps, in their earlier life they had chosen a Civil Marriage and now wish their relationship to be blessed.

The Blessing of Rings

Sometimes, unfortunately, a husband or wife loses a wedding ring and would like the replacement blessed in church. Sometimes, also, a husband and wife may decide to have their rings re-blessed in church for a special anniversary.

The Anglican Church of Paphos is very happy to offer each of these services. An ROV or a Blessing will be a special service on a chosen day, subject to availability of venue, with guests in attendance, and which includes music of their choice. The blessing/re-blessing of rings can be arranged in discussion with the Wedding Co-ordinator  and the Priest.

Whatever the service, it is a lovely, poignant, celebratory expression of a husband and wife’s commitment, love and devotion to each other.