Your Wedding with the Anglican Church in Paphos

Costs & Legal


Your wedding donation for 2017 is €700. To secure your booking we would need a non-refundable deposit of €350 which must be paid within 4 weeks of confirming your booking, otherwise your booking will not become permanent. An Authorisation of Payment Mandate will be sent to you outlining several ways in which you can action payment.  Please read it carefully and let us know which method of payment you decide to choose.  Wedding Blessings and Renewal of Vows for 2017/18 are €350, and we require a deposit of €175.

Your donation for 2018 is €700, with a non-refundable deposit of €350.  Again, paid within 4 weeks of booking.

Church Requirements

Please note that the Anglican Church prefers that at least one of you has been baptised into the Christian faith and we would like you to bring the certificate(s) with you if you have them.  If you have not been baptised and would like an Anglican Church Wedding, then please contact the Wedding Co-ordinator to discuss this.  Not having being baptised will not necessarily prevent you from having a religious ceremony in one of our churches.    You will also be required to fill in a Wedding Application Form, which will be sent to you electronically once you have booked your wedding with us.

Calling of Banns

There is NO need to have Banns called in the UK before couples leave for Cyprus. The Form B substitutes for the Calling of Banns here.


Please note that you will need to bring the following documents with you as determined by Cyprus Law:

  • 10 year Passports & two photocopies.
  • Original Birth Certificates if you have them & photocopies.
  • Two Photocopies of your witnesses’ passports (you require two witnesses) one for the Town Hall and one for your Church  meeting.
  • An affidavit each, confirming that you are free to marry. A solicitor can draft this and it must be stamped and signed at the declaration within 12 weeks of your marriage date.
  • If either of you have been divorced then the ORIGINAL Decree Absolute papers will be needed by the Town Hall. Also take photocopies for your files.
  • If either of you have become a widow(er), then the deceased’s Death Certificate will also be required.
  • If either of you have changed your name at any time, you will need Deed Poll papers.
  • If you have been legally adopted, then you will need to bring your original adoption papers with you .
  • If you come from Ireland, then you will need Freedom to Marry papers which you can obtain from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland or Irish Embassy in the U.K. This also applies for non-British Passport holders depending on your country of origin; so please make the necessary enquiries stating Cyprus as the country you are to be married in.
  • Depending on nationality and/or residency, some couples will need an Apostille/legalisation seal on their marriage certificates from the Ministry of Justice/Foreign Affairs in Cyprus before returning to their own country, or the one they reside in. Please check exactly what is required in your own country before travelling to Cyprus to be married. All documentation must be translated into English.
For British Expatriates living in Cyprus for more than one year

Couples resident in Cyprus for more than one year will need to visit the Marriage Registration Office in Nicosia to apply for permission to marry. Once you receive this permission, you can then apply for your First Schedule Type B from one of the Town Halls in the Paphos district.

You can also contact the Marriage Registration Office in Nicosia direct to enquire which documents you will need to obtain before travelling to Nicosia. Please contact them on

Town Halls – Paphos District

You will be required to obtain a Special Licence (First Schedule Type B) giving you permission to marry in Cyprus from Paphos, Geroskipou, Peyia or Polis Town Halls, depending on which venue you have chosen to be married. The Licence currently cots €282. You must be resident in Cyprus at least 3/4 working days before your wedding date. If you have not prearranged an appointment with the relevant Town Hall then this should be done as soon as you arrive in Cyprus between 8.30 and 9.00 am and you must take all the above mentioned documents with you.

Contact Details for Town Halls


Mrs.Marina Polyviou – (Marriage Officer)
Tel: 00357 26 960 797
Fax: 00357 26 963 840
Geroskipou Municipality P.O. Box 63015 – 8201
Geroskipou, Paphos, Cyprus

Haroula or Lia
Tel: 00357 26 822353/0
Fax: 00357 26 26822364
P.O. Box 60032, 8100 Paphos, Cyprus

The Municipality of Peyia
Fountain of Peyia’s Women Square
8560 Peyia, Cyprus
Tel: 00357 26 621113
Fax: 00357 26 621571

Polis Chysochous Town Hall
25th March Street
Polis Chysochou
Paphos, 8830, Cyprus
Tel: 00357 26 321321